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Welcome and Thank you for landing on this page. If you are searching for “Which type of questions are asked in the interview of Sainik School“, then you are at right place. Here’s in this article we will give you an idea about which type of questions asked during the interview of Sainik School for the admission of 6th standard. This will help you to better prepare for the interview of Sainik School.

Types of Questions asked during interview of Sainik School are as follows:

a) Introduction and Background of the candidate related questions are asked to see the body language & confidence of the candidate while speaking.
      1. Tell me about yourself.
      2. Why do you want to join Sainik school.
      3. Why do you want to join Armed forces.
      4. You can also serve the country in other ways like being a engineer or a doctor etc. Why armed forces.
      5. Tell me something about yourself in 30 seconds.
      6. Where you belongs to and what your parents do.
      7. What’s your favourite subject.
      8. Tell me about your favourite things like favourite actor, their movies etc.
      9. Where you studied.
    10. How you prepared for Sainik school.
    11. Question about popular places/ tourist places/ religious places near your home town.

b) Some questions may relate to Science, Maths of basic standard and some are logical questions to check the presence of mind or to examine the knowledge level of the student.
     1. They will draw some shapes and ask you what they were.
     2. They will ask you some questions related to maths like what is the area of square.

c) Sainik school also emphasis on the physical activity, thus interviewer may ask question about the interest in sports and curriculum activities which candidate have participated earlier.
     1. What is your favourite sport.
     2. Do you know how to do parade.
     3. They can also ask you to sing a song of your choice or it could be our National Anthem, and can also make you to dance.

d) Candidate also may be asked general knowledge and current affairs of national level to crosscheck your general awareness.
      1. They will ask you some General Knowledge questions like, who is chief minister of your state, who is the local MLA, how many rivers are flowing in India, who is the finance minister, who is the home minister, who is the vice president, who is the prime minister of India, various state capital of India.
      2.Current events related with defence/ politics/ education etc.

Some advices for the interview are:
1. You should be confident while speaking and have a smile on your face while giving answers.
2. Don’t get nervous, if you don’t know the answer then simply say no to them.
3. Don’t lie in front of them because in the interview panel their will be a Psychologist also with them, if you lie they get to know about that, so the tip here is that “Be what you are”.

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All these questions shown above are asked from the students of Sainik School. If you are the student of Sainik School then don’t forget to share the questions with your answers with us in the comment section given below. We will appreciate your comment.

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