education in india

education in india

The most current hot topics in education have to do with a profound and actual reformation of the educational models of the XX century. The history of education has been reasssessed in terms of the direct relationship between education and economy/workplaces. Thus, Education has been grossly divided into:

  • Education 1.0: schools used to be small, one room actually, and kids of all ages took lessons together, which enabled a tighter social interaction of students of all age groups. Plus the skills they learned were basic writing and arithmetic, which students would use later on in their workplaces, mostly farms.
  • Education 2.0: schools become larger and more complex. Students are separated by age groups, the social interaction between students of different age groups weakened. Students behavior is strictly controlled,so they only act when told to. Schools were pretty much like the factories and offices where students would work at later on.
  • Education 3.0: this is the phase in the history of education that only a few schools have adopted im order to empower students by letting them take over their learning processes. Now students are familiar with digital technology and schools encourage their use in order to solve problems. Now students are required to learn a set of skills needed in today’s world, such as critical thinking, sense of initiative, commitment with society and the environment , creativity and capacity for innovation.

Hot topics in education now revolve around the adoption or delay in adopting new education models and approaches. Today, most educators have no idea about the new models proposed or undergoing trials, so when the moment to adopt a completely new methodology in schools, most teachers will be reluctant and nearly incapable of adapting to the new demands on education.

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