SSC JE Syllabus For Mechanical Exam 2018


1) Fluid Mechanics & Machinery :

  • Weightage: 17 – 20 Questions
  • Easy to build Concepts, High Accuracy Possible, More numericals
  • Question Types/ Sub Topic: Properties of fluids, Pressure measurement, Flow measurement devices, turbines & pumps, Pipe flow, Bernoulli’s theorem.

2) Production Engineering :

  • Weightage: 13 – 15 Questions
  • Cover vast topics, Time Consuming, Mostly theoretical with some Numericals from Welding and Metal Cutting
  • Question Types/Sub Topics: Welding, Metal cutting, forming, Cutting tool, Materials, Metal casting, heat treatment.

3) Strength of Materials :

  • Weightage: 12 – 13 Questions
  • Tough to grasp Concepts, Moderately Time Consuming, High Scoring, More numericals.
  • Question Types/Sub Topics: Bending moment & Shear force, Stress & Strain, Torsion, Columns, Pressure Vessels and springs.

4) Theory of Machines :

  • Weightage: 10 – 11 Questions
  • Moderate difficulty level, More Time Consuming, High Accuracy Possible.
  • Question Types/Sub Topics: Mechanisms, Flywheels, Governors, Gears and gear train, Cams, Balancing

5) Thermodynamics :

  • Weightage: 7 – 8 Questions
  • Time Consuming, Moderate Accuracy Possible, More theoretical
  • Question Types/Sub Topics: Law of thermodynamics, Entropy, Properties of substances, Properties of gases.

6) IC Engine :

  • Weightage: 7 – 8 Questions
  • Theoretical topics, Less Time Consuming, High Accuracy Possible.
  • Question Types/Sub Topics: Air standard Cycles – a) Otto Cycle b) Diesel Cycle
    Combustion, Knocking, Testing.

7) Power Engineering :

  • Weightage: 6 – 7 Questions
  • Needs Clear Concepts, Less Time Consuming, High accuracy.
  • Question Types/Sub Topics: Brayton Cycle, Rankine Cycle, Boilers, Air Compressors, Nozzle and diffuser

8) Machine Design :

  • Weightage: 4 – 5 Questions
  • Time Consuming, More numericals, Moderate Accuracy Possible.
  • Question Types/Sub Topics: Belt  and rope drive, Clutches, Riveted joint, Bearings.

9) Refrigeration & Air Conditioning :

  • Weightage: 3 – 4 Questions
  • Theoretical, Less Time Consuming, Very High Accuracy Possible.
  • Question Types/Sub Topics: Refrigerants, Psychometry and Air-conditioning.

SSC JE Mechanical Preparation Strategy & Tips 2017

#1. Know the SSC Mechanical Syllabus Thoroughly & Weightage of Each Subject

At this stage, you have enough time in your hand so don’t leave any subject. Therefore cover all the subjects, since you never know which subject will be asked for more marks. You can know the detailed SSC ME Syllabus from the link below:

#2. Practice from Previous Years SSC JE ME Papers

As we can analyse from the SSC JE Previous year ME Paper, then there was no subject wise weightage followed in the SSC JE  Exam. In previous year exam the Fluid & Thermal Engineering carries around 60-65% of the weightage. Also, most of the theoretical questions of IES exams are repeated in the SSC JE ME Paper I. So try to go through the last 2 years IES Mechanical theoretical questions. To download the previous years official question paper, visit the link below:

#3. Focus More on Theoretical Concepts

As around 80% of the paper is based on theoretical concept, therefore focus more on understanding the basic theoretical concepts. Also the Questions can be asked in a twisted way so if your basics are strong you can easily answer them.

#4. Manage your Time Properly

The SSC JE Paper I exam will be of 2 hour. So try to save your time from the Technical Section (i.e Mechanical part) & use it in Reasoning section as it will help you to fetch more marks. Also, the General Awareness section is easier & less time consuming as compared to Technical section so you can easily boost your scores here.

#5. Revise Daily through your Short Notes

Build up an habit of making short notes while studying. It will help you in revising the topics that you have covered till now. You can go through these notes if you get stuck in any chapters or any doubt arises in your mind regarding the topic you have studied till now. Also you can use these short notes before 2-3 days of exam for revision purpose.

#6. Attempt Mock Test & Evaluate your Performance

It is very important to measure your preparation level. Only randomly studying will not help you, untill & unless you don’t know your strong & weak areas. So keep a track of your progress daily by attempting a full length mock test. Also, allocate time wisely and test yourself regularly on your speed, proficiency and concepts.



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SSC JE Syllabus For Mechanical Exam 2018
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