Details of SSC JE electrical syllabus –ELECTRICAL PORTION

Why you Need this Detailed SSC JE Syllabus for Electrical Paper

  • Our experts have prepared the best portion of exam and defined syllabus which you need to cover. Our staff have years of experience in setting the papers according to changing exam patterns.
  • The topics provided here are arranged in the order of priority from exam point of view. The most important topics from which maximum numbers of questions are asked in the exam are kept above the less important ones.
  • In Electrical Engineering, all the subject are independent. So, you are free to start your preparation from any subject but it would be better to start in the order given below.
  • This list gives you the weightage of each topic so that you cover those topics which are more scoring instead of giving more time to less scoring topics.

Let us now discuss the detailed SSC JE Syllabus For Electrical exam along with its exam pattern. In this article you will come to know about exam weightage, marks distribution, topics, sub-topics, etc. for different subjects.

Topics for SSC JE Syllabus for Electrical Exam 2017

1) Basic Network

  • Weightage: 30 – 35 Questions
  • Mostly Numerical Asked, Requires Practice, Time taking.
  • Question Types/ Sub Topics: Concepts of Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance and various factors affecting them. Concepts of Current, Voltage, Power, Energy and their units.
    Circuit law: Kirchhoff‘s law, Simple Circuit solution using network theorems. Magnetic coupled circuits, AC.
    Fundamentals: Instantaneous, peak, R.M.S. and average values of alternating waves, Representation of sinusoidal waveform, simple series and parallel AC Circuits consisting of R.L. and C, Resonance, star and delta connection, the sinusoidal response of R-Land R-C circuit. 

2) Electrical Machines :

  • Weightage: 25 – 30 Questions
  • Extensively Theoretical, Moderate Accuracy Possible.
  • Question Types/ Sub Topics: DC Generators, DC Motors, the Parallel operation of transformers, Auto Transformers. Synchronous Motors, Induction Motors, Parallel operation of alternators.

3) Basic Electronics :

  • Weightage: 10 – 15 Questions
  • Theoretical, Need to understand the Working principle of each Device, Moderate Accuracy.
  • Question Types/ Sub Topics: Working with various electronic devices P-N Junction Diodes. Transistors (NPN and PNP type), BJT, JFET and MOSFETs, Op-amps. Oscillators and Feedback Amplifiers, Frequency Response. Optical devices and Simple circuits using these devices.

4) Power Systems :

  • Weightage: 10 – 15 Questions
  • Moderately Time Consuming, Moderate Accuracy Possible.
  • Question Types/ Sub Topics: Economics of Power Generation, Power Factor Improvement, Power System Protection, Transmission Lines, Power Generator Stations, Power Distribution System.

5) Measurement & Measuring Instruments :

  • Weightage: 10 – 15 Questions
  • The ratio of numerical & theoretical questions is 50:50, Moderately Time Consuming.
  • Question Types/ Sub Topics: Error Analysis, Measurement of power using 2 Watt meter, AC Bridges, PMMC & PMMI Instruments.

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Details of SSC JE electrical syllabus –ELECTRICAL PORTION
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