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A session on Career Opportunities after doing Diploma in Engineering by Future Secure Institute

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This is something which we are sharing with our personal experience.

Team from Future Secure Institute visited this DIET college in the date 7th March 2017 for a lovely session which was to be conducted for the students of diploma students from CIVIL branch. Students from DIET were very enthusiastic in behavior.  Ashok Sir from Civil Deptt. Of Future Secure Institute took the session.

The main agenda of the session was all about “Career Opportunities after doing Diploma in Engineering”. The crowd was good. Their were around 60 enthusiast students who participated in the session. All of them were final year students from civil branch. During the session we discussed about the problems that a diploma level students faces during his/her career.


We discussed how they can tackle the challenges which they will face while shaping their career. The best thing about session which took place in DIET college was that it was the two way interaction with students.

The session was divided in two parts.

Technical Session : Where we were discussing about how they can crack any SSC JE exams or any other JE level exams in first attempt. We discussed about what are the career opportunities in Government services and what are the vacancies that comes in govt. sector for diploma holders. We had a lot of queries from DIET college students where they asked about the basis on which we crack exams. We discussed about the eligibility criteria and other aspects also.We discussed the technical subjects which they have to focus on to make sure they will crack the JE level exams in both state and central vacancies.

Second session was more of about how a diploma students can enter into private sector. What are the points which a diploma student should take care of while making a career in private sector. This session was taken by Binay Sir and it was more of the confidence building, resume building, how to improve communication skills. The way you should dress up while facing any interview. How you can crack the interview and all those important stuffs.

We show cased them about how they build their resume. What are the factors that they need to take care of while writing a better resume. So in case if you are building a resume than you should follow this link

Now during this session we received certain questions from the students which were,


What are the percentage criteria for govt. exam.

See generally most of the govt. have a criteria of 60% or may be having some relaxation on based of categories. So make sure you are securing above 60% so that you will be on track.

How to remove hesitation

This one is the most common question which you will get if you are a student. And it should be!!!.See hesitation is something which is their in your mind. You can control it by doing which have fear of. Go work on something which are afraid to. Try to speak up in front of different people. You will start building confidence and hence will remove your hesitation.

What is the salary of a engineering diploma holder

This is an interesting question which we received from DIET college student. There are lot of companies which are providing jobs to Diploma holder candidates as a fresher. Some of them are Bombay dyeing, tata motors, Voltas and many more.You will be paid around 8k-12k depending on the position of vacancy. And you reach out to a max of 30k-40k depending on your caliber and experience ay be more than that.

Is it better to do BTECH after doing diploma?

Yes absolutely if you are looking for growth then go for it.  There is no doubt on it.


So the session was full of enthusiast students who were serious about their career ahead. And credit goes to HOD of Civil deptt. of DIET college who organized the session for us.

NOTE:Future Secure institute provides SSC JE Coaching in dehradun and also other JE level exams for both state and central vacancies.

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