10 things every student should do in their college life?

Make Life Long friends

In college life you will meet a lot of students from various background and of different mentality. In college life we learn a lot of things and College life is the time, when you get to know the most vibrant pool of people. Look for those who could be of great compatibility to you, who has similar taste to things or who are entirely opposite to you still matches your frequency.

Fun: College life are the best life in ones life. If ever got an opportunity to roam around to bunk class then go do it. Have fun. Try new things which are worth doing. Because , Its going to be the last few years of your life, when you have so much of leisure time and people with so much of enthusiasm around you. Try out stuffs. Get Drunk with your best friend. Try out Disco. Go on Trips. Life is Short.


Failure is something which you will get in the journey of your life.And if you get fail in college itself and don’t feel afraid of it. Go and get fail. People are highly fearful of failing but after coming into college and failing at any particular thing makes you realize that failing isn’t the end of life. Actually failure is the step to success. All our life, failure is the one thing which I believe is the most overrated concept. 

Don’t get stuck to a particular Group: If you are new to college, you won’t understand it now, But Trust me the group of people you joined in the beginning of the college was the byproduct of your over enthusiasm. Don’t get stuck there, if you aren’t comfortable. Go on find new people and new group. College life are the best

Studying: The things you learn in college including your curricular and outside your curricular will shape the future of your life. So give proper time and attention to it. Learn new things. Choose few subjects that you know, is not your piece of cake. College life are the best

Ask for Help: As a school student, chances are there you might end up doing and knowing all by yourself. But we must learn to ask for help. There are people outside, who have committed the mistake you might end up committing. Its always better to listen there two cents and then deciding. 

Find your true Passion: You should and must come up with one thing after the college, that you know you really passionate about. For me it is cooking, for a friend of mine it is coding, for another its his Guitar. You have to find yours and know all the stuffs related to it. You never know, that might even change your life.

Getting/Leaving a Relationship: We all have different sets of perception about Relationships. After coming to college and looking into relationships all around. You will know the actual truth about this hype called Love. You find someone and maybe you end up marrying her/him. Maybe things didn’t work out till the next year and now it is hell to see each other so often. Don’t be afraid to ask that girl out. If you ask her, she might say “Yes” or “No” but if you didn’t, the answer will surely be a NO You will see, end of a relation is not end of the life.Fall in love. Its an amazing feeling. 

Getting out of your comfort zone: In a college, you might have a group partner who not do anything and you have to do everything or might be he is the one who does everything and don’t let you do anything. Your room partner has different habits from you, he might be of different religion and follows opposite lifestyle to yours. Adjusting with them all and getting out of your comfort zone will give you great learning and would be hell helpful for you in future. Trust me on this. 

Importance of following a Routine lifestyle : Semester exams are more an eyeopener than the semester results, because when you will open your book for the first time in last few months, realizations of all the things did in the past will be going through just an inch above the texts of the books. You will see how watching late night movies had made you sleep late in the morning and now you are rushing to the college and then further end up feeling drowsy all day. How your weekend end up in a sleeping marathon and how sitting in last benches and bunking classes have screwed you up a lot. That is the time you come to know the actual importance of having a routine to do things in a manner.



College life is said to be the best time of your life, Just don’t waste it and use each and every moment of it.
 Enjoy and good luck 🙂


College life are the best 

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